Faith To Go Resource Categories

Hello families and thank you for joining our Faith To Go community.  Below are some descriptions of the six different categories of resources that come out each week.  Some are age specific, so not every category appears in every age group.  We hope these explanations are helpful as you enter into faith discussions throughout your week.


Girl Using Laptop

Each week we produce a Faith To Go Podcast that features the St. Paul's faith formation team.  The goal of the podcast is to prepare you for the discussions you will have throughout the week.


Young Woman Reading Tablet

Each week we have an article which provides some optional reading for you to go into even more depth about the topic you will be discussing throughout the week.

Activity Time

Drawing & Coloring

For younger children weekly activities are provided to explore the theme in a hands on way.

Stay and Pray/Bedtime

Girl Praying

These are age appropriate at home liturgies or reflection questions to help your family pray and reflect together at the end of the day.

Views and Qs/Story Time

Outdoor Movie

These are weekly videos that relate to the weeks topic and always include discussion questions so that you can watch the video with your family and then have 10-20 minutes of discussion together.

Feast and Faith/Dinner Time

Family Cooking

In this section we provide weekly discussion questions for your family to use over dinner one night a week to explore the week's topic together.  There is a prayer to say before you begin your meal and then discussion questions to follow the prayer.

The most important thing to remember is that these resources are just the starting point of the conversation.  They are the spark, but feel free to let the conversation go wherever the Holy Spirit leads it. These are not constraints.  They are a framework within which your family can begin to regularly share your faith with one another. There are no rules, just possibilities.  So have fun!