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ACTIVITY: How do we become one?

In this week's gospel Jesus prays that his disciples, and all people, may be one as he and God are one. This week, we're going to see how well we can act as one! One night this week take some time as a family to do this follow-the-leader activity. Take turns making up a song and dance. It can be as simple or complex as you want, but make it up in the moment. As you start to repeat the words and the moves the other members of the family can join in, using their eyes and ears to learn the words and the dance. Once everyone is in unison someone else gets to take a turn at leading a new song and dance. Play until everyone has had a chance to make up a routine. When you're done take some time to share about what it was like to play. Was it hard to follow along? What made it easy or difficult?

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