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ACTIVITY: How would rocks shout out?

This week we hear the story of Jesus entering Jerusalem for the last time riding on a donkey and being celebrated by those gathered for the Passover. At the end of the story, Jesus says that even if there were no people around the rocks themselves would shout out. Have you ever heard a rock shout? I wonder what a rock would sound like if it could talk, shout, and celebrate? This week, take some time as a family to make some celebration rocks! Go out in the yard or walk around your neighborhood or a park and find a rock that you want to decorate. Bring the rock home and use some craft supplies to give it a celebratory look. Maybe even give it a face, a mouth, and some words to cry out. What would your rock have to say about Jesus' journey into Jerusalem? When your done decorating your rock hide it in a park or around your neighborhood for someone else to find.

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