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How are you responding to confusion?

Each week we'll highlight a current event or ongoing story from world and reflect on it through the lens of the gospel. First check out this article linked below.

From NPR

Finding this stage of the pandemic confusing? You're not alone.

Reflect and Act:

If this week's gospel we hear the story of the Transfiguration, with Peter, James, and John going up a mountain with Jesus when suddenly he becomes three people and a cloud descends and a voice names Jesus as beloved and chosen. As we read in the story, this whole episode completely overwhelms the disciples, and especially Peter. He doesn't know what to do, what to say, or how to act. As we approach the two-year anniversary of the initial nation-wide shutdowns due to Covid-19, many are feeling the cumulative effects of the confusing, disorienting, destabilizing nature of those two years. How are you responding to that confusion? How do you see people in your community responding? What is helping you remain grounded in this time? How can you offer that grounding to others in the world and in your life?

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