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How can we persevere in justice?

Each week we'll highlight a current event or ongoing story from the world and reflect on it through the lens of the gospel. First check out the article linked below.

From NPR

Reflect and Act:

In the gospel this week Jesus teaches the disciples about prayer, and not just what to say in prayer, but how important persistence is in their life of faith. The implication is that it is not so much the content of the prayer that is important, but the perseverance, the discipline of returning to the practice over and over again, constantly working toward the kingdom of heaven and the thriving of all people. This week's article is about a group of women who will not stop asking, seeking, and knocking in their pursuit of education and justice. Who in your community is persevering in the work of asking, seeking, and knocking in pursuit of justice? How can you join them in this practice of prayer? Take some time to share your thoughts as a group.

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