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What does the confusion of Easter morning feel like?

This week we invite you to do a walking, or movement based, meditation practice using this reading from the gospel. Below is a recording of the gospel reading for you to use.

How to engage with the practice:

First, find a place outdoors where you have room to wander or, if you aren't able to go outside, choose an indoor space where you will have enough room to move around. You will play the recording a total of three times.

While the gospel is being read, move slowly and intentionally about the space you are in. Wherever you are, walk slowly, paying attention to the sensations in your body and to the room or world around you.

After each reading, stop walking and take a minute or so to close your eyes and tune in to your body. Where are you holding tension? What parts of the story bring up feelings of discomfort or challenging questions? Take a moment to hold these questions and feelings, without trying to answer them, and see where you feel this discomfort in your body. If you feel like it, respond to this tension with some sort of movement of your body as you stand in place. Then listen to the reading two more times, taking the same steps after each one.

When you have listened to it all three times move slowly back to a seated position and take some time to reflect on, pray about, or journal about your experience. What tensions arose in you? What questions did you feel in your body?

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