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Who has formed your identity?

This week we hear the story of Jesus taking three disciples up on a mountaintop and being transformed before them. In their vision, the disciples see not just Jesus in front of them, but Moses (who brought the law to the people) and Elijah (the great prophet of Israel). Symbolically, the disciples are seeing that Jesus does not operate independently from his Jewish community, but is a product of all those great leaders, teachers, and prophets that have come before him. Moses and Elijah represent not only the law and the prophets, but the hopes and dreams of Jesus' people. These are the things he carries with him. These are his ancestors, the people that formed his identity and his vision of the kindom of heaven. Who are the people in your life, family or chosen family, ancestors or idols, who have formed your identity? Who's hopes and visions do you carry with you?

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