Week of January 13, 2019: Called Together (Ages 0-4)

Faith To Go Podcast: Baptism and Vocation

Hosted each week by the Faith Formation team at St. Paul's Cathedral in San Diego, David Tremaine, Maya Little-Sana and Jackie Pippin, the Faith To Go Podcast highlight themes from the Sunday Gospel reading for you to take into your conversations throughout the week.

Activity Time: Finding Family

Supplies: none

Children will scatter and hide, except one person. As the other people are found, they are “added to the family” and will hold hands as they search for others for their family. Continue to seek until everyone is found and holding hands as one family.

Activity from Sermons4Kids

Story Time: Gospel Reading and Reflection

Watch this video together and then use the discussion questions below to reflect as a family.

Discussion Questions:

1) I wonder what the Holy Spirit is.

2) I wonder what is ‘Ruakh.’

3) I wonder how you can describe breathing in and out.

4) I wonder what God’s spirit is like.

5) I wonder if you’ve ever experienced the Holy Spirit.

Dinner Time: Baptized with Jesus

Below is a prayer with which to start your meal and then discussion questions to explore this week’s topic with your family while you eat.


Christ is born!

Praises to our Creator God,

who became flesh for us most fully in Jesus, the Incarnate Word

To become one of us, human, yet divine.

Christ is born!

My heart sings that the time of waiting is over.

The light has overcome the darkness as

The true gift from God has arrived.

Christ is born!

Praises to our Creator God, who is as close as the love that binds us,

one to another,

Filling us with awe and wonder at such miracles.

Christ is born!

Help us to live the joy of Jesus’ birth this and every day,

Knowing that the Spirit of Christ dwells in us

Guiding us to be his witnesses in all that we say and do

Throughout the year.

Christ is born!

-Call On Me: A Prayer Book for Young People


  1. I wonder who was baptized with Jesus.

  2. I wonder if they all looked the same as Jesus.

  3. I wonder if they all acted the same as Jesus.

  4. I wonder why they were able to get baptized too.

  5. I wonder how Jesus wants us to treat those around us that don’t look or act the same as us.

Bedtime: Reflections for Children at the End of the Day

During your bedtime routine, invite your children into a time of reflection about their day, maybe by saying, "Did you know that God really wants to know what happened in your day today, and that God is always listening whenever you need to tell God something?" Then continue with these questions:

1) What are some things that happened today that you want to tell God about?

2) What is one happy thing that happened today? What is one sad thing that happened today?

3) Did you see God or feel God with you when those things were happening? Where did you see or feel God when those things happened today?

4) Read to your children this week’s scripture selection, then ask the questions that follows.

Luke 3:15-17, 21-22

The people were buzzing with questions and ideas about John the Baptist, wondering if he might be the one they were waiting for, the Messiah. John knew what they wanted to know and answered them, “I just baptize with water. But the powerful one is coming who will baptize with the Holy Spirit. I am not half the man he is. He will turn things around and make them right.” John baptized all the people and Jesus was baptized, too. As Jesus stood there praying, the clouds opened and the Holy Spirit flew down on top of him like a dove. A voice from heaven said, “You are my Son, and I love you. I am so very pleased with who you are.”

-God’s Word, My Voice: A Lectionary for Children

Did the story remind you of anything that happened in your day today?

5) What are some things that you want to tell God that you are grateful for today?

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