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How are we using our power?

This week we hear Jesus tell a parable about a widow seeking justice and an "unjust" judge who has the power to give it to her. In the story the widow returns to the judge over and over again to plead her case, and each time she is denied. We are told that the judge has "no fear of God and no respect for anyone." Only after this widow returns many time to plead with the judge for justice does he grant it, albeit begrudgingly, by declaring that though he still has no fear of God or respect of others he will grant her justice so that she will finally stop asking for it. With this story Jesus highlights the courage and persistence required to resist injustice as embodied by the widow, but he also uses it as a polemic against those who wield their power without "fear of God" or respect for others. Jesus knew that with great power also comes a great amount of blindness to the suffering of others and a denial of ones reliance of God and community for wellness, security, and thriving. This week, pay attention to the power that you have in the world, how you use it, and the ways it is blinding you to the realities of the world and disconnecting you from God and others. How are you being called to transform you power? How do you want to deepen your connection with God and others today?

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