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How do we care for one another?

In this week's gospel we hear the story of Jesus emerging from his 40 days in the wilderness following his baptism. As the story says, he was hungry, tired and weary from such a long time spent in isolation, and without food or water.

In this moment of weariness and hunger, the devil arrives and offers him food, power, security, authority, and certainty in his life ahead. In the face of weariness from too many days in isolation, too many days in the desert, too many days wandering in the unknown, Jesus does not accept the devils offer, and refuses to sacrifice his identity for comfort, security, and certainty. Instead, he denies such things believing that God and his community will support him, feed him, care for him, and love him in the days ahead. In the face of such overwhelming weariness, he gives up the promise of comfort and security in his life in order to live more fully into the interdependent life of his community.

In this week of weariness, with news of war between nations, injustice against trans youth, and continuing questions around Covid-19 with no clear answers in sight, after too many days already spent in the desert, how are we being called to support and love one another? Who are the people or communities supporting you in this time? How can we nourish, care for, and love one another in these times of anxiety and fear?

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