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How do we stay awake and ready for action?

This week we hear Jesus tell a story about attendants in a household remaining ready for action with their lamps lit, anticipating the arrival of the owner of the house. Jesus tells the disciples that they must remain awake and ready for action to respond when the son of man comes. Of course Jesus, in the story right before this one, just told the disciples to not worry about the future, what they will eat or what they will wear, and that to plan for future security is a fruitless act that separates us from our communities in the present. Jesus seems to be making a distinction then between being anxious/worrying and being awake/ready for action. In Jesus' mind it seems like it is possible to remain ready to act and respond to the prompting of God at a moments notice and yet not fretting about what will happen in the future. This week, pay attention to the tension between these two ways of being oriented to the future. How do you remain present and ready for action while also not devolving into anxious worrying and fretting about what is to come? What are the practices that help you sustain this non-anxious preparedness? Take some time to share your thoughts as a group.

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