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How do you experience one-ness?

In this week's gospel Jesus prays that his disciples, and every person, may "be with him" and recognize the unity of all people and all creation. While it is Jesus' prayer that we all "may be one" as he and God were one, that does not necessarily mean that we must all be the same. Much to the contrary, Jesus seemed to delight in people's differences, constantly inviting different people from different walks of life, with different beliefs and different backgrounds, into conversation and community with him. Jesus seems to recognize a one-ness in the midst of the diversity of people and all of creation. How do you think about your connection to people who are different than you? What does it mean to you to be "one" with all people and all creation? This week, pay attention to difference and unity. In your relationships, do you find unity in difference or does unity mean sameness? How do you delight in people who are different than you? Who are the people or places that help you feel the one-ness into which Jesus invites us? Take some time to share with the group.

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