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How do you respond to vulnerability?

In this week's gospel story, which we refer to as the Transfiguration, Jesus takes three of his disciples, Peter, James, and John, up on a mountaintop away from the other disciples. When they reach the top of the mountain Jesus is "transfigured" and two important figures from the Jewish tradition, Moses and Elijah, appear with him. The disciples don't know what to do, and Peter is especially confused in the face of this miraculous occurrence.

In this story, we see Jesus revealing to the disciples the depth of his identity. Not only the fact that he embodies the law (Moses) and the prophets (Elijah), but a cloud descends on them and a voice booms, "this is my Son; my Chosen." Jesus had revealed parts of his identity to his disciples before, but in this moment he reveals the depth of his connection not just to God, to Spirit, but to his community, his tradition, his ancestors, and his people.

Have you ever had an interaction with someone where they revealed something about their identity that completely shifted how you understood them? That reframed the entirety of your relationship? Who are the people that have shared the deepest parts of their identity with you? What was it like to bear witness to this miraculous event? What changed in you? How did you respond?

This week, pay attention to the large and small ways people are sharing parts of their deepest identities with you. What would it be like to respond in-kind?

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