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How do you stay awake?

This week we hear Jesus implore his disciples, as he approaches the end of his time with them, to stay awake and remain watchful. He uses the imagery of the return of "the Son of Man" (i.e., the human one) to reinforce how important it is to remain awake to where God is emerging and being revealed in the world around them. He even describes a scene where two people are in a field and one if take and one is left, or two are people are grinding meal and one is taken and one is left. These seem like extreme circumstances, but he is using the extreme situation to emphasize what is at stake. To fall asleep to the divine and sacred in the world is to be left behind in a world bereft of God's presence, and this is no way to live. It would feel like being left behind.

In this season of Advent, when we make an intention to remain awake to God's movement in the world and in us, what are the practices that help you stay awake to the movement of Spirit? What are the things that make you fall asleep? How can you grow in awareness of these as you move through your week?

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