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How else can we think about "Unquenchable Fire?"

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

This week we invite you to do a Lectio Divina practice with your group using the readings from the gospel. Below is a recording of the gospel reading for you to use. Feel free to write down your responses in a journal, or simply wonder about them in silence.

Step One

Play the recording once through with the intention of seeing which word or phrase jumps out to you the most. Take some time to wonder about that word or phrase when the recording has ended. Why do you think it was this word or phrase that jumped out to you today?

Step Two

Play the recording again with the intention of identifying what parts of the story bring up feelings of discomfort or challenging questions. Take a moment to hold these questions and feelings, without trying to answer them, and see where you feel this discomfort in your body. Take some time to journal about these feelings or questions if you feel so inspired.

Step Three

Listen to the recording one more time and wonder/journal about the following question:

What images emerge for you when you hear John talk about “unquenchable fire?” What if John is not referring to hell in the way we might have learned about it? What other ways might we think about experiencing "unquenchable fire" when we fall short of God’s dream for us and for the world?

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