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How is our suffering connected?

Each week we'll highlight a current event or ongoing story from world and reflect on it through the lens of the gospel. First check out this article linked below.

From NPR

Reflect and Act:

In the gospel this week Jesus prays for his disciples, expressing his hope that they will recognize the one-ness of all things and live with the awareness of how they are united and connected to one another. In the article above we hear a story about the ways we are connected to one another as a single global community, and how crisis and suffering in one place can cause suffering hundreds of miles away.

The health crisis and resource inequity being experienced in Somalia and Kenya reveal the depth to which we are connected around the world. Their is drought brought on by the changing climate, which has been caused by larger nations in other parts of the world. There is a food shortage caused by a war waged for greed and nationalistic supremacy in another part of the world. And there is the underlying reality that there would be enough food and water for everyone if not for the greed of many nations around the world. How do you see our interconnectedness and one-ness being revealed in your community? Who are the people suffering because of other people's actions? Where is this causing unnecessary inequity? What is a small step you could take to address this suffering? Take some time to share your ideas with the group.

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