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So who's miracle is it?

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

This week we invite you to do a Lectio Divina practice with your group using the readings from the gospel. Below is a recording of the gospel reading for you to use, or you can select people to read the gospel for each of the three parts. As you feel comfortable, take time to share your responses with the group after each step.

Step One

Play the recording once through with the intention of seeing which word or phrase jumps out to you the most. Write down or wonder about that word or phrase for a moment before sharing it with the group.

Step Two

Play the recording again with the intention of identifying what parts of the story bring up feelings of discomfort or challenging questions. Take a moment to hold these questions and feelings, without trying to answer them, and see where you feel this discomfort in your body. Share what came up for you with the group.

Step Three

Listen to the recording one more time and discuss the following questions as a group:

While we attribute the miracle in this story to Jesus, the servers pouring the water also seem to play an important role. In fact, they are the only ones who ever touch the jars and pour the water. What if we thought about Jesus as not just a miracle worker, but someone who used his power to empower others to do miracles? How might this change the ways we use the power we have?

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