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What are you preparing for?

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

In this week’s gospel Luke tells us that those who encountered John in the wilderness were questioning in their hearts whether or not he was the messiah. Something about John was so amazing, so awe-inspiring, so countercultural that the people who heard his message thought that he could be the long-awaited leader they had all been waiting for to change the world and transform their suffering into joy. While John’s message was about changing our actions to create a more just and equal world, he also knew that his vocation was not to be the messiah himself, but to point people towards and prepare people for Jesus, the one who would embody this transformation in every way.

Weekly Intention

This week pay attention to what you are questioning in your heart? Who or what is not giving you what you are expecting? How might this be pointing you beyond itself and preparing you for something more fulfilling coming in the future?

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