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What can you bear today?

In this week's gospel some of Jesus' final words to his disciples are that he has more to tell them but that they are not yet able to bear the truth he has to share. But this doesn't mean they will miss out on the truth just because he is leaving. Jesus goes on to say that the Spirit of Truth will come and guide them, declaring the truth to them throughout the course of their ministry. Jesus knew that there was more for the disciples to know, more truth to reveal to them, but that they could only carry this truth with them as they moved through their lives, being shaped and formed by their experiences, and growing in their capacity to hold the truth along the way.

One of the primary roles of the Holy Spirit (the Spirit of Truth) is to reveal more and more of the truth to us throughout our spiritual journeys, and as we live and grow and increase our capacity to hold more truth, the Spirit of Truths reveals things to us that we could not carry earlier in our lives. This week, pay attention to the ways life if increasing your capacity to hold truth, especially uncomfortable or challenging truths. What is something you used to think was true but don't anymore? What is something you used to be certain about but aren't anymore? Who are the people in your life that help you grow your capacity to hold truth?

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