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What do we do with uncertainty?

In this week's gospel we hear the story of Easter morning, when the author of Luke's gospel recounts the way that Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Mary the mother of James, and the other women with them went to the tomb to do the final preparations for Jesus' burial. While in the Easter story from John's gospel, one of the options to read on Easter, the resurrected Jesus appears to Mary that very morning, in this narrative from Luke Jesus does not appear at all. In fact Jesus doesn't even seem to appear to them for a number of days after. That day, for those living through it, ended with a terrible and hopeful mystery. Jesus' body was gone. Had he really been resurrected like he had often said he would be? Or had his body been stolen? What had happened? Something monumental had taken place, but it was not clear whether it was something to celebrate or something to mourn. Or maybe both. This week, pay attention to the places of uncertainty in your life and how you engage with that uncertainty. How do you respond to this hopeful/terrible mystery? What do you do when confronted with situation that are so uncertain you don't know whether to celebrate or mourn, be joyful or grieve? Take some time to share with the group, and make time during your next gathering to check about your uncertainties.


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