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What do you do with uncertainty?

This week we hear the first fourteen verses, also known as the epilogue, of John's gospel. In this introduction to the story of Jesus' ministry, the author of John plays with the tension between darkness and light, the known and the unknown, the certain and the uncertain, clarity and mystery. The amazing thing about these words is that this foundational reality of the universe, the thing through which all other things were created, the Word of God, that thing became flesh, it became a life, a life dwelling on earth, and what is more uncertain and mysterious than life on earth. As we all can attest, to live a life is to change, to transform, to be vulnerable, to live with mystery, and to be uncertain about the future. The very fabric of reality, that which undergirds all things, is mystery, uncertainty, and vulnerability itself. This means that when we are living in uncertainty and mystery, we are participating deeply in the life of the universe, the life of life itself. Where is uncertainty and mystery showing up in your life? How are you being with this uncertainty? Where is it leading you today?

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