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Who is welcome in your community?

Each week we'll highlight a current event or ongoing story from world and reflect on it through the lens of the gospel. First check out this article linked below.

From NPR

Reflect and Act:

In this week's gospel story Jesus is rebuking not just Herod, but the entire city of Jerusalem, the city so central to his Jewish community and their common life. He is talking about how the prophets, those who have seen a different vision for the world, those who have carried a different message, or those who have challenged the status quo have been met with ostracization, violence, and often death.

In the article highlighted above we hear how differences in race and culture impact the ways in which refugees from different parts of the world are received in European countries. We see the harsh reality about how people respond to difference, to the unknown, and to their own discomfort. Who are the people who remain unaccepted, unattended to, or silenced in your community? What is one small thing you could do to address this kind of injustice? What would need to change for everyone to be received equally?

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