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ACTIVITY: Can you complete your tower?

In this week's gospel Jesus talks about the importance of preparation when beginning a new adventure or journey in our lives. He uses the image of building a tower to demonstrate how important it is to prepare for big things we want to do in our lives. So let's build a tower! But before you build it, decide how tall it is going to be. One foot? Three feet? All the way to the ceiling? After you decide how tall you want it, go an gather all of the supplies you think you'll need to complete it. But here's the twist, once you start building you aren't allowed to go and get any more supplies. You can only use what you've gathered, so make sure you have enough to complete it once you start. If you run out of supplies before you reach you height goal you have to take it all apart and start over again! Oh no! So make sure you have everything you need before you get started. When everyone has finished their towers take some time to check in with one another about what the experience was like.

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