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ACTIVITY: How good are you at doubting?

This week we are going to play the doubting game! In the gospel story for this coming Sunday we hear about how Thomas had a hard time believing what his friends were telling him had happened while he was out of the room. The resurrected Jesus had miraculously appeared to his friends, but he wasn't around to see it. One night this week take some time to play a game as a family. Here are the rules:

Everyone gathers together in a room. Take turns leaving the room one at a time. While the person is out of the room, the rest of the family does two actions as a group, which you will make up on the spot. You could play patty cake, give each other high fives, spin in circles together, or make funny faces at each other. When you've done two things (let's say made snow angels on the ground and had a dance party) call the person back into the room. One person from the group tells them three things that you did, the two that you actually did and then one that you made up. The person that was outside of the room gets to ask the group three follow up questions and then they have to decide which was the made up activity and which two were real. If they guess right they get a point for each member of the group (e.g. if there are four people in the group that stayed in the room they get four points), but if they get it wrong each member of the group gets a point. Play until everyone has had one turn outside the room. Whoever has the most points at the end wins and earns the title "Doubting Thomas."

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