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ACTIVITY: What can we celebrate this week?

This week we hear a story Jesus tells about a son who went away for a long time and the celebration that his father threw for him when he returned. In the story, Jesus talks about how hard it was for the son to go back home after being gone for so long, and how he felt like he could not go home because he didn't know if his father would be happy when he came back. In the end, they had a huge party when he returned and his father was overjoyed that they were back together. Who is someone in your extended family or your community that you and your family haven't seen in a long time? This week, take some time to go see them or call them on the phone. If you are in the same town or city, get some balloons, streamers, and other party decorations and throw a party to celebrate your returning to one another! Reconnecting with others is always something to celebrate.

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