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ACTIVITY: What foods are important to you?

In this week's gospel Jesus meets Peter and asks him to be a disciple while he is out fishing. But fishing was not just a fun hobby for Peter, it was his job and the main way he got food for his family. Because they lived so close to the Sea of Galilee, fish was a main part of the food that people in Jesus and Peter's community ate. Like every culture, they had special foods and recipes that had been passed down to them from one generation to the next.

What are the important foods, meals, and recipes in your family? What are the foods that help you feel connected to other members of your family, including those who are alive today and those in generations past? One night this week, make one of those recipes together as a family. Talk about where the recipe came from, what memories you all have about it, and why it is important to you. Maybe you could even rewrite it on a piece of paper and decorate it.

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