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ACTIVITY: Where do we have an abundance?

In this week's gospel Jesus tells a story about a man who owned a farm and had a very productive crop. His crop was so productive that he had more than he could fit in his barns. Instead of filling his barns with what he needed and giving the rest away, he decided to tear down his barns and build new ones large enough to store his entire crop. Only then did he feel like he had enough to be happy. This week, think of something that you might have an abundance of. It could be something physical, like clothing or toys, or maybe something like time, or ideas, or art, or energy. What is a way you could share your abundance this week. If you have an abundance of physical objects like clothes or toys, pick one box to fill with things you will keep and give the rest away. Or, if it isn't a physical object, decide on a way to share your time, ideas, art, energy, etc. How much of those things do you need for yourself, and how much could you give to someone who needs it. At the end of the week, check in as a family to see what this was like for everyone.

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