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ACTIVITY: Who needs a gift?

This week we hear a story about a woman named Mary who was one of Jesus' best friends. One day when Jesus was visiting Mary on his way to Jerusalem she poured out an expensive bottle of perfume on his feet as a gift to him. Often when we give gifts it is for a special occasion like a holiday, a birthday, or another special event. In this week's story Mary gives Jesus a gift not for a special event, but just to celebrate the importance of their relationship. This week, think of a special friend that you haven't seen in a while, or maybe someone that has been on your mind recently. Make them a special present, write them a special note, or find something at home that you'd like to give to them. Take time this week to meet up and give them this present. Later in the week, find some family time to check in with one another what this experience was like.

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