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DINNER: Wasn't Jesus already baptized?

Take some time at dinner one night this week to read this fun fact and then discuss some of the questions.

Did you know...

…that Jesus was already baptized before this week's gospel story takes place. In the gospel he says that he has a baptism that he is still waiting to be baptized with, and is going to be stressed until it is finished, but he was baptized by John the Baptist all the way back in the beginning of Luke's gospel.

Back in that baptism story, though, John did say that Jesus was coming to baptize with "the Holy Spirit and fire." Is the baptism Jesus is saying he is waiting to be baptized with a different kind of baptism than the one he got from John? Maybe this is what he means when he said that he came to bring "fire" and "division" to the earth. Maybe "fiery" and divisive times are really part of baptism.

Questions for Discussion:

1) Who is someone you've felt divided against, or been in a fight with, in your life, and what was the outcome?

2) How did this experience change your relationship with one another?

3) What do you do when you have disagreements in your family?

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