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DINNER: What happened to Judas?

Take some time at dinner one night this week to read this fun fact and then discuss some of the questions.

Did you know...

…that in the gospel of John their is no story about what happens to Judas after Jesus is arrested? In two other gospels (Matthew and Luke/Acts) there are stories about how Judas was so sad to have hurt Jesus and how he never returned to his community of disciples. But in the gospel of John, where this week's story is from, it never says what happens to Judas.

At the very begining of this week's story it says that Judas left the disciples during their last meal together to go betray Jesus and have him arrested, and only after he leaves does Jesus tell the disciples to love one another. Before this, though, Jesus had washed Judas' feet and shared the bread and wine with him, both acts of love and compassion. What might have happened to Judas if the disciples had loved him even after he hurt Jesus?

Questions for Discussion:

1) When was a time that you felt sad about hurting someone?

2) What helped you to feel better in that time?

3) How did people around you show you that they loved you when that happened?

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