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DINNER: What's the deal with all the wine?

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Take some time at dinner one night this week to read this fun fact and then discuss some of the questions.

Did you know...

…that Jesus made over 900 bottles of wine for the wedding in Cana. That's a lot of wine! Of course they may have needed all of it, as 1st century Jewish wedding feasts lasted for seven days.

But even then, they would have had much more than they needed and definitely enough for everyone to have some. Jesus shows us that part of God's dream is for everyone to have what they need, and sometime more than they need!


When was time when you felt like you didn't have enough? What did that feel like?

When was a time that you felt like you had more than you needed? What did that feel like?

When was a time you shared some of what you had with someone who didn't have enough? Or a time when someone shared with you when you didn't have enough?

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