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What is required of us?

In this week's gospel we hear the story of Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem in the days leading up to the Passover and his ultimate arrest. As he and his disciples prepare to enter Jerusalem, Jesus sends some of his followers ahead of him to retrieve a donkey on which he will ride as he makes his entrance into the city. He tells the disciples tasked with bringing back this donkey to go and find the animal tied up, and to tell the person who owns the animal that "the Lord requires it." This simple phrase, "the Lord requires it," is all that is needed for the animals owner to let a few strangers walk away with their valued donkey, who would have been an invaluable asset to the person from whom it was being borrowed.

While we usually focus almost exclusively on Jesus' entry, and his disciples actions of preparing the way for him, what would it mean this week to focus on the actions of this person who willingly parted with their donkey, a vital part of their life and living, at the simple phrase, "the Lord requires it." Who was this person? Did they know of Jesus? Was "the Lord requires it" a special phrase known to Jesus' followers? What was it like for this person to watch such a vital part of their livelihood being led away, not knowing what would happen next? What important witness is this character bearing for us this week?

As you move through your life this week, pay attention to where you are feeling called into the unknown. What work are you being called to do in the world? How are you being called to take part in God's liberating work in the world? What does it feel is "required" of you to do that work this week? What do you need to let go of in order to do that work? Share your thoughts with your group, and take some time during your next gathering to follow up about this question.


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