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Where is the Spirit of Truth moving you?

Each week we'll highlight a current event or ongoing story from world and reflect on it through the lens of the gospel. First check out this article linked below.

From NPR

Reflect and Act:

In the gospel this week Jesus tells his disciples that he will send them "another Advocate" when he is gone. He goes on to describe this Advocate as the Spirit of Truth, what we often refer to as the Holy Spirit. The naming of the Holy Spirit as the Spirit of Truth indicates something about what Jesus sees as a primary function of this spirit. The Holy Spirit leads us toward and reveals to us what is true in any given situation, place, relationship, or system. It is the force of truth showing us where there is suffering, oppression, and inequity.

In this week's article we see revealed the underlying truth of the city of Buffalo, and those who are giving voice to this Spirit of Truth in the aftermath of the mass shooting a few week's ago at Top's grocery story in that community. Who are the people embodying the Spirit of Truth in this article? Where is the Spirit of Truth moving in your community? Where is it calling you and what is it revealing to you about the underlying truth of the people, places, and systems around you? What is one small thing you could do to respond to this Spirit?

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