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ACTIVITY: Can you recognize the voice?

In this week's gospel Jesus tells those gathered around him that he is like a shepherd, and those who believe his words are like sheep who recognize his voice. This week, we are going to play a Shepherd's Voice game! One night this week set aside some time to play this game together. The rules are simple. First, break up into teams of two. Each person takes a turn wearing a blindfold or closing their eyes. Once the person's eyes are closed or their blindfold is on, a person from the other team will take an object (something that is easily carried in one hand and not fragile) and places it somewhere in the same room.

The goal of the game is simple: the person with the blindfold has to retrieve the item and bring it back to their starting position, without opening their eyes or taking off the blindfold. The way they will do this is by taking directions from their partner, who will navigate them to the item and then back to where they started. But here's the catch, the two players on the other team can call out WRONG direction at the same time, so make sure you are listening to the right voice! Take turns wearing the blindfold until everyone has had a turn, and time how long it takes for everyone to retrieve the object and return. The team with the lowest combined time wins!

When the game is over, take some time to share with one another what it was like to play the game. Was it hard to pick out just one voice in the chaos?

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