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ACTIVITY: How can we send our peace?

In this week's gospel we hear the story of Jesus sending 72 of his followers out into the world to visit the towns and villages he knows he will enter on his way to Jerusalem. He sends them in pairs to proclaim the good news of God and to heal people. He also tells them that not everyone will agree with them, and that some will even be upset with them for what they will say. He tells them that he is sending them out like "sheep among wolves," that they will sometimes be in conflict with the people they meet. This week take some time to think about someone you are in conflict with or someone you disagree with about something, whether they are a person in your family, a friend, or someone you just met. What is something you could do to send peace to them? Maybe write them a letter telling them three things you like about them, draw them a picture, or make them a fun craft/present. No matter how you decide to share your peace with them make sure to send them what you write/make, or bring it to them yourself. See how your relationship with them changes not just after bringing them your creation but also in the process of creating it for them. Take some time to share with one another about what this activity was like.

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