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ACTIVITY: What is a Spirit of Truth?

In this week's gospel Jesus promises his disciples that when he is gone God will send them the Holy Spirit, or the Spirit of Truth, to help them continue his work in the world. He tells them that this Spirit of Truth will abide with them forever and guide them in all they do. This week, we are going to embody this Spirit of Truth in our activity. Sometimes the hardest person to tell the truth to is ourselves, and sometimes its hard for us to recognize some of the amazing things that are true about us. Who is someone in your life that has a hard time recognize how amazing they are? When you've thought of someone take some time to write them a short note and/or create something for them (e.g., drawing, painting, etc.) to share with them what you know to be true about them. What are the amazing truths about them that they may not be able to recognize? Share your letter and/or creation with them, and embody the Spirit of Truth!

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